Southbourne School

“It went from being a logistical nightmare to being a planned, annual, dependable, event”

Getting tied up in the small stuff is not how my time is best served and the thought of managing the production and storage of quantities of binders and wallets left me cold.

Southbourne School of English is one of the country’s most well established and respected language Schools. We educate thousands of international students a year which means major and ongoing logistical management for us.

nunet worked with us to strengthen and reinforce our culture of excellence through the binders and wallets they produced for us and (as importantly) developed with us a forecast system to see what would be needed and when and where.  Previously, in our busy school, where space and storage is scarce, we’d had large quantities of folders arrive all at once (the last thing we needed). With nunet we now work to a call off supply arrangement with brand new product being delivered days after we order it. This means I’m not worrying about storage or looking at dead money tied up in stock I don’t need. I can look at current and future student levels and plan my supply accordingly

This is what impressed me most with the nunet approach, that willingness to look at our entire set up and work things to best suit it. The options they presented enabled complete control over the product and the supply of that product into our school.  The bespoke binders and the wallets are top notch and fit well into the school’s course literature and documentation. I look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with Nunet for years to come.

Paul Gallina
Managing Director
Southbourne School of English