Sport Officials

“We’re in the business of setting examples”

Sourcing sounds like a simple task – until you cross the minefield of poor quality, ‘cheap’ products with extortionate national / international shipping fees. It is difficult to study the quality of a product online without the opportunity to physically see it. A lot of online stores have non-negotiable quantities that you need to buy in and sometimes that doesn’t suit us as buyers.

What a find Nunet was. It’s a bit like a good holiday cottage – when you find one you want to keep going back.

After the briefest of chats we found that Nunet could supply the resources we’d been looking for, in the quantity that we needed, and for a very competitive price. They gladly sent us some samples so that we could see the quality for ourselves (high) before placing an order.

Our Sports Officials Consultancy works with National Governing Bodies, businesses and teams that aim to raise the profile and standard of officiating. We also provide CPD and training. We’re in the business of setting examples and as such have to put our business head above the parapet. We feel comfortable doing that with what Nunet produces..

All our work is done on a bespoke basis so flexibility from our supplier is essential – we need to be able to talk things through (and get feedback on what works and what doesn’t). It’s more than customer service it’s service built on understanding what we need.

Janie Frampton, Director – Sports Officials Consultancy –