Ocean Survivor

“Shock, incapacitation, hypothermia”

That’s a typical progression if you’re unlucky enough to have to ditch in the North Sea. Our new product is the difference between a life and a death in emergency conditions. It’s manufactured by Nunet using their integrated High Frequency Welding development and production plant in the UK.

It wasn’t all roses. Our Ocean Survivor development road took us to the Far East because we (wrongly) assumed we’d never find a manufacturer here with the capability to integrate all the different high spec elements we need. We bore the cost of several failed prototypes before we looked homeward and contacted Nunet.

From the start with them they wanted our product and company to succeed. It was clear they had the manufacturing expertise and commercial willingness to turn our idea into a product. Relief. We were met with an open book approach to the sharing of experience and technical knowledge. Their product development team allowed our R&D engineers access to their facilities and a way of working that meant that our employees actually felt like part of their team. This would have been impossible to manage in the Far East.

A culture of partnering and collaboration flows through Nunet – this is something everybody talks about but few companies deliver. Nunet succeeded and kept us going where other manufacturers failed.

Kieran Normoyle
Managing Director
Ocean Survivor