McCarthy & Stone

A 5-star rating for customer satisfaction in an independent survey by the Home Builders Federation for the past 11 years is an act to follow. It’s also an incentive to keep everything in the premier league. That’s McCarthy and Stone.

As the Group Trainer the pressure is really on me to make sure our tangibles reflect that culture of achievement. I just can’t afford second best for our 1300 staff.

That’s why Nunet is the choice. They have the capacity to bring our ideas to life, at the right level.

Nunet supported the re-launch of the Learning and Development function within McCarthy and Stone and notably have contributed to the greater take up of our business development and corporate culture supporting framework.

Practically they are efficient and dependable and they understand deadlines. There are no hidden surprises. They can take an idea and make it happen. That’s what we need.

Nearly every desk in our Bournemouth office has something from Nunet on it. The L&D re-launch theme of ‘back to school’ grabbed imaginations with the L&D branded ‘apple drop’ – (real apples on every desk). The whole ordering, printing and delivery orchestrated by nunet; this massively reduced the project complexity for us.

Nunet provided the folders for our sales training re-launch and provide our induction folders. The induction folders are important because that’s the starting point in our staff journey to understanding and upholding that 5-star rating.

We value Nunet and we feel like valued customers.

Group Trainer
McCarthy & Stone