“a dovetail into our production workflow”

If you work in a competitive, deadline driven, dispersed market with customers throughout the UK and in Europe you have to choose your supply partners wisely. CMP (uk) Limited are one of the UK’s leading digital print companies producing short-run printed products for a market that includes Publishing, Training, and Education.

When we asked Richard Johnson, Production Director for CMP UK Ltd about the significance of the quality of tangible products and customer service he said it’s the foundation of winning business and serving needs. When we asked him specifically why he uses Nunet for outsourced bespoke manufacture and production he spoke about good clear communications, the trust that comes from reliability and how well the 2 businesses mesh: 

“In my experience it can be difficult to find like-minded businesses who share my ethos in quality of products and service, blended with a friendly, professional and most importantly reliable service that we trust in. Consistency of this service level is important, yet often overlooked by many”.

“Nunet provide bespoke products for us to dovetail into our production workflow and I value their commitment and service they offer us”.

“Nunet do the simple things well; from initial acknowledgement I am kept informed of the status of our orders which means I can focus on my other projects and let Nunet do their stuff. Communication is key; I can always rely on them to meet or where possible exceed the agreed deadline – a transparent, honest relationship with Nunet is one that I value”.

“I simply cannot make any promises to our clients without having this confidence and understanding”

Richard Johnson, Production Director,
CMP UK Ltd –