Typewriter Art Ticket Wallets

Bespoke Ticket Wallets for Keira Rathbone’s wonderful typewriter art.

One of the pleasures of manufacturing branded travel card wallets, is that we’re exposed to wide range of creative talent.  Whilst simply a convenient way to hold some information, custom printed wallets do provide graphic designers and artists alike a blank canvas – and we’ve been privy to some extraordinary artwork and designs.

Keira Rathbones typewriter fine art is a real joy.  Based in London, Keira uses her typewriter to create wonderfully detailed art – portraits, bustling cities and famous landmarks.  We first became aware of Keira’s work when she designed and we made the bespoke invite holders for the 2008 ON/OFF show as part of London Fashion Week.

It was great to collaborate once again and working with two designs from her latest collection; `North-South-Easter-Western Typings, London’.  These promotional wallets were digitally printed onto white vinyl and high frequency welded with a black vinyl liner.

 My environment, the grand old city of London, continues to fascinate and provide inspiration for my work.  ‘Typogenic’ compositions flag up as I walk, cycle, drive, train, bus about.  The eye is trained, now almost involuntarily hunting for shapes, curves, textures and tones that stop me in my tracks, speak to me and trigger a typic.”