Bespoke Folders & Clipboards

To be or not to be a folder? Now that is a question!

It is a question we hope we can answer simply and clearly, and if we don’t, then call us and we will help further.

Terminology is everything, and just sometimes, we can be a little too close to the product and explain things in manufacturing terms, so here, we think some of our little nuggets of wisdom and insight will help, so here goes.

Your Folder will  ‘not’ have a ring mechanism – that is a ring binder – folders have pockets to put things in. Your folder will however, ‘hold’ smaller amounts of content such as brochures, certificates, menus or bills. Your folder will also ‘contain’ a pocket configuration and style that suits the intended content and will also ‘be’ manufactured from materials appropriate for use.

Finally, and just in case you needed reminding, if it designed and produced by nunet, it goes without saying, that it will look pretty amazing too!

Job done!