Chambers Medical

“We need quality, safety and technical capability because our products can mean the difference between life and death”

When you’ve been supplying the Ministry of Defence, the National Health Service and the Home Care market for over 45 years, certain things remain at the top of the priority list.

Our customers need quality, safety and, frequently, innovation. This means our suppliers must have the technical capability to deliver high quality, safe products.

As the CCMed group of companies we’re constantly expanding our offer. On this road from idea conception to production, we’ve noticed a certain pattern repeat itself with some suppliers.

It’s very hard to find suppliers capable of complex manufacturing and print process combinations. Many suppliers resist even talking when we move into ‘bespoke’ territory. A stock response is that overseas is the answer – Nunet break that pattern.

They are easy to talk to and they listen carefully. They have a track record of manufacturing and supplying products for us that end up on the field of battle and in life critical situations.

They keep the supply chains for our first aid and injury management products short and understandable.

We value this and we value them as a partner supplier.

Patricia Brown
Director –¬† CCMed Ltd –