Yes we know it’s a process and not a solution but sometimes the process is the solution.

When you want to keep your product in circulation as long as possible this is the practical and attention catching route. When you need plastic parts welded together. When you need it to be airtight. When durability is a key consideration HF welding is the answer.

We weld Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polyurethane thermoplastics.

From cut flat panels, we add what is needed and fabricate; approved artwork (though screen, digital or litho print process),  gels and liquids, fixings and mechanisms.  That translates into bespoke presentation, healthcare, merchandise, point of sale and gel-filled products. It means our customer range is a wide as our capabilities.  It means we make from scratch and to specification. That’s why our customers choose it and come to us.

The possibilities are endless – tell us what you think you need.