Liquid Filled

Liquid filled is a unique manufacturing ability, and one that we at nunet are proud to be one of if not the ONLY manufacturer of such packaging in the UK, so look no further!

Liquid filled is used to produce presentation and point-of sale items including binders, menu covers, folders, business cards, invites and decals with a difference.

Manufactured in-house, the colours and the type of the liquid can be managed – meaning a range from slightly viscous and tinted solution, right through to gels with deep vibrant colours.

Our gels are simply made from di-ionised water, some food dye and thickening additive (with the odd bit of toothpaste thrown in on the odd occasion).

Floating inserts (logos, icons, emojis) are used to enhance the products further, creating eye-catching movement and opportunities for interaction. Something that is so tactile, you just can’t put them down!

For your own excited Liquid Filled product, call us now and set us a challenge.



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