Bespoke Welding

Vinyl HF Welding


Nunet use vinyl to make bespoke presentation and Point of sale products such as vinyl binders, folders, boxes and wallets. We are welders among other things.

High frequency welded products are incredibly durable and robust; created with low energy manufacturing process that is efficient, precise and consistent. (The process simply joins two pieces of material together by supplying energy in the form of an electromagnetic field and pressure to the material surfaces to be joined).

We have over 50 colour swatches for you to choose from and there are also different embossing’s, finishes and thicknesses; expanded, velour, leather look, metallised and 3-D holographic that add to the diversity of this process.  Fully recyclable and available in 100% recycled on offer.

Pantone colours, full colour, metallic foiling and embossing; vinyl makes possible the widest range of branding options.

Hot Air Weld

Hot air welding (HAW) – the clue is in the name! And we mean hot; 575°F.

HAW enables products made from Polypropylene to be welded together, often forming the key join that completes the product construction.

For manufacturing point-of-sale boxes and in-store display packaging, welding pockets onto Polyprop binders or simply when products need to be free of glue; HAW is a welcome string to our production bow. It’s neat, quick and inexpensive.

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