Design Brief

The first phase of any successful project is making sure we get things right and we completely understand your requirements. In our ‘design brief’ we will outline the deliverables and scope including and functionality, aesthetics, timing and budget. It will also used to evaluate the effectiveness of a design after it has been produced and during the creation process to keep the project on track and on budget.

2D Drawings

From sign-off of the design brief, our in-house creatives will set to work on your behalf. We will consider form & functionality amongst many things and take into consideration your brand and how it can be best interpreted onto the chosen product/s. Our 2D drawings are flat versions of the plans for your product; outlining scale, colour and branding as the design brief starts to come to life. Once we have discussed with you and ironed out any agreed ‘tweaks’/amends, we are then ready, if needed, to take to the next phase.

3D Drawings

This is the stage when your product starts to really look like your product, and any issues with imagination are addressed, as our 3D drawings, really do start to look like the real thing. The 2d drawings are taken and are ‘wrapped’ around our 3D models. Once complete, our three-dimensional drawings/renders spring off the paper and look good enough for you to touch!

CAD Samples

If we still haven’t convinced you by this stage (though we are confident we can), we have the in-house capabilities to produce 3D samples of your product. Plain white dummies to check dimensions and functionality lead onto fully printed samples. You will then have the product in your hand to touch, feel and use as you see fit. To make sure everything is as intended. Depending on what the item is, there can (sometimes) be a charge for these, however, if the order goes ahead, this cost is taken off of the initial production run, making it as fair and transparent as possible.

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