Vinyl Ring Binders

Vinyl ticks many boxes when using it to manufacture bespoke ring binders. It is available in over 60 different colours, in various finishes and thicknesses and can be branded using virtually all of the available printing processes.

But before we go further, let us address the elephant in the room; vinyl is plastic. For good reason using plastic in any product has come under increasing scrutiny.  However, the types of vinyl for our vinyl over board ring binders are not the same vinyl used for throw away food packaging. Quite the opposite in fact – stationery vinyl is chosen because it is robust and outlasts other materials by a considerable margin. These are not single use binders; they are ‘daily use for years’ binders.   You can read more about what vinyl products are and are not here.

Back to the binders.  Yes, to housing any (reasonable) size of paper in either portrait or landscape. Yes, to offer different spine widths with mechanism capacity size to suit, and yes to extra welded pockets on either the outer or inner surfaces.

We adore the creative aspect of your bespoke binders.  We can apply single through to full-colour branding as well as metallic foiling and blind embossing, and as mentioned the stationery vinyl swatch is supported by a colour swatch of over 50.

There is more.  Stationery vinyl is also available in many finishes including leatherette, expanded and tinted clears.  A look of surprise often accompanies the first look at material options when working with new clients and offering choices.

We manufacture bespoke vinyl binders for language schools, roofing specialists, solicitors, training providers, professional bodies, garden centres, unions and insurance companies – to name but some of the local and nationwide business that have binders custom-made.

Case Study

Southbourne School Of English - Read more about this case study

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