Training Binder

The `paperless society’ is a concept and phrase going back some 40 years.  While it is undoubtedly true that we all utilise digital information in significant amounts, the notion that people will stop using and holding paper has never really materialised.  Good.

nunet work for multiple companies who employ us to design, create and make bespoke training binders.  What we’ve found is that training providers use a variety of resources – many being digital but complimented with the tangible. Delegates, students and employees differ because we all like to learn differently.

`Both’ is the word we hear often. Training material is available in both formats so that those who want to read from a screen can, and those who wish to refer to information within a binder can – and very often both are used simultaneously.

We manufacture custom-printed ring binders that hold training and course content. Together we will work on the size and capacity of the binder, mindful of the amount of live material but also what’s likely to be added in the future. We’ll see if the student, delegate or staff member would benefit from having extra pockets or a handy open loop.

Course titles, company logos and branding will be reproduced onto the training binders using the appropriate printing process – with 2-D and 3-D visuals as a pre-cursor before any production buttons are pressed.

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