Paper over Board Binders

Bespoke paper over board ring binders are designed, created and manufactured here.  The fundamentals are as the name suggests; we wrap and couple covering paper with 100% recycled grey-board. That fusion of materials is then creased to form the custom-made ring binder.

As with our entire bespoke ring binder offering, paper over board binders are made to house the content size and quantity specific to your requirements – all the standard paper sizes with spine widths and corresponding mechanism size to suit.

Where paper over board binders shine is the power and flexibility of design that a combination of papers and branding process offers. From the elegant and premium, the colourful and vibrant to minimalist and understated – paper over board binders can wear many looks.

Supporting that creative flexibility is the display paper ranges from established paper mills such as Winter & Co, GF Smith, and Ratchfords. Multiple vibrant colours and finishes of paper combined with foil, embossed and screen-printed branding.

We also manufacture full-colour paper over binders with a choice of matt or gloss lamination. Often referred to as `Marketing Binders,’ this style of ring binder is well suited to hold brochures, catalogues, and training literature.

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