Oyster Card Wallets

We work with all types of brands that use custom-printed oyster card wallets to carry a message to millions. These products have been used on buses and trains since the 1960’s, but gained a huge uptake in popularity when TFL introduced the travel card system. Where there is travel, there are people – and with a branded wallet, your message in their hands.

Travel card and ticket wallets present two key attributes; a large print area, and practical everyday use. We’ll help you design and create personalised oyster card wallets that customers and potential customers will keep.

Promotional oyster card wallets for a campaign or product launch, event or trade show – we can manufacture and distribute to one or various locations.  Additionally, we offer a fulfillment at the point of manufacture service, or more simply, we’ll put the insert into the wallets as we are making them.

Our wallets (and binders, folders & boxes) are available to be screen printed single colours as well as full colour print through digital and lithographic print process.

Being a bespoke manufacturer of ticket wallets means that we carry stock of most base colours.  Remember that we take flat sheets of vinyl, print those sheets with the design, and then weld into the product. That ensures that we have the entire outer surface as a print area, rather than being limited to a set print area as a result of the over-printing pre-made product.

We enjoy strong relationships with retail customers.  For a retail environment, we can manufacture ticket wallets with thicker materials, bespoke pocket shapes and often, perimeter stitching.  Our ticket wallets can be seen and bought in museums, bookshops, galleries and online stores.

Nunet designs, creates and makes a wide range of wallets. Have a good look at the scope of wallet styles here…

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