Lever Arch Binders

Confession time. While we do indeed manufacture bespoke lever arch ring binders, we wrote this page to explain why you may not need lever arch binders.  To explain;

We design, create and make bespoke ring binders which means you choose on both functionality and design aspects.   What is not commonly known, is that there is a wide range of mechanism sizes in both 2 and 4 D types. That range begins at approx. 15mm and ends at 60mm – and with us, you get to choose.

Sometimes then, one assumes a lever arch binder because A, it is a commonly sold office supplies type binder, and B, due to being so prevalent it makes for a simple search term.

When we drill down (groan) to the capacity requirements, our customers often realise that indeed, a smaller mechanism is plenty. That’s what we are all about; nothing is off the shelf which means your options are not dictated – we just fit your binders with the right size mechanism.

Here is a handy table that shows how much content will fit according to the size of the mechanism fitted into the binder.  You can see that it is true, the most significant mechanism is a lever arch – but you can also see if an alternative size would be better. Remember that a little too much capacity is a good thing, not enough is pants.

Coming full circle, we manufacture bespoke binders including lever arch.  Lever Arch binders need to be strong to hold large amounts of content.  For that reason, we use 3mm recycled board with either a paper overwrap or vinyl overboard wrap.  The decision between the two styles often comes down to merely preferring the look of paper over board over vinyl binders. However, the vinyl versions are the most durable and can also include seamless, welded pockets as part of the binder construction itself.

Don’t get too bogged down.  Our job is to look at what your company needs from its loose-leaf presentation products and then through guidance and advice, make sure you make an excellent decision.  All of that will be backed up with visuals, samples and mock-ups.

Hit one of the buttons below if you would like to receive a sample, obtain a quotation or arrange a visit – or any combination of those three things.


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