Hinged Lid Presentation Boxes

Rigid Hinged Lid & Tray (Malteaser box Style)

Presentation boxes as a single piece wrap-around that forms the base, spine, lid and front flap. The internal tray simultaneously presents the product whilst forming the front and side edges.

The papers for custom-made presentation boxes are chosen from the ranges of G.F Smith, Winters & Co and Ratchfords. Alternatively, stock papers are printed, laminated and embellished with further decorative options.

Adding to the colour and texture of chosen paper; we add pantone single colour, metallic foiling and embossing – often combining more than one process.  Full colour is lithographic.

A secondary recessed card or high-density foam piece can be added to fit the internal tray. A printed overlay is a further option, sitting on top of the products as a lift off reveal.

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