Hinged Lid Presentation Boxes

Hinged Lid Presentation Boxes – Wrap & Tray (Malteaser box Style)

Hinged lid presentation boxes are made as a single piece wrap-around that forms the base, spine, lid and front flap. The internal tray simultaneously presents the product whilst forming the front and side edges. Nunet is able to make these boxes to specific dimensions, alongside having existing tooling for various sizes and capacities.

In terms of design with printed paper, there are two available options.

Print the Paper

This is a very popular method and is used for 80% of paper over board boxes.  As an example; you would like to see red boxes with your full-colour logo in the middle of the lid, and the base to be a light yellow colour. We take a sheet of white paper and flood print that red colour and the logo onto the paper. Printing on paper means that you can achieve virtually any design or colour scheme.

Display Papers & Subtle Branding

Also available are display papers which are made by British paper mills specifically for presentation products. Display papers are in themselves in a solid colour and also have a much wider range of finishes and textures. It may be that you want the same red and yellow colour scheme but would like a really strong and vibrant coloured paper. Instead of full colour for your logo, you want a silver or gold foiled logo, or perhaps a simple white print. There is little doubt that using display papers certainly creates a nicer feeling box. The aesthetic advantages are subjective, but they do lend themselves to simpler, more classic looking boxes.  Take a look at two of our suppliers websites to give you an idea of the ranges. https://www.gfsmith.com/ and https://www.winter-company.com/en/

Aside from the print, hinged lid presentation boxes are also supplied with a recessed card or high-density foam internal tray. A printed overlay is a further option, sitting on top of the products as a lift off reveal.

More of our bespoke presentation box range can be seen here…

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