Full Colour Binders

Sometimes only the vibrant, eye-catching and downright showy binder will do, and we get that entirely.  Bold brands and vivid, colourful printing go together well, and here at nunet, we offer bespoke full-colour binders in multiple styles and material choices.

You are going to be working directly with us, the manufacturer. That means as default; the binder will function at a size and capacity best suited to your intended content. Rely on us to ensure your bespoke full-colour binders look great, our creatives working for and with you to maximise the design and make use of every dot of colour these binders present.

Full-colour printing is available across all three of or bespoke presentation material choices being; vinyl over board, paper over board and Polypropylene.

On all three styles, we use specialist digital and lithographic printing presses that print directly onto the material — using either lacquer or laminate to protect that design.

Vinyl over Board ring binders and Polypropylene binders are robust and hard wearing. As a result, full-colour binders used on a daily are manufactured from these materials.

Paper over board binders are precisely as the name suggests; full-colour printing onto heavyweight paper that is wrapped around recycled grey-board. Paper over board binders are usually more customer facing, sometimes referred to as `Marketing Binders’, custom made to house catalogues, material swatches, and tenders. Paper over board binders

Encapsulated binders are a great combination of the robust qualities of vinyl, married with the versatility of printing onto paper. Digital or lithographically printed sheets are cut to cover and spine sizes. That print is encapsulated onto the outer of the binder with a transparent vinyl overlay. As vinyl is available in over 50 colours, nunet will match or contrast the vinyl to best suit the printed design.

We design, create and make full-colour binders for all sorts of customers for many different applications. If you’d like to see samples, organise a quote or arrange a visit, then please hit one of the buttons below. You can see other types of binder here –  paper over board binders, training binders and our general page for bespoke ring binders.

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