Folder Style Clipboards

Get your bespoke folder style clipboards designed, created and made here.  Custom-printed clipboards for on the move; campaigners, nurses, site managers, canvassers and gym staff -to name just some of our clipboard users. We know our stuff when it comes to clipboards.

Folder-style clipboards function as you’d expect; a front and back cover with central spine meaning the paper being held is always protected until accessed. Our tooling creates the all-important front cover shape, enabling the clipboards mechanism to sit on the back cover while not impeding the front cover to lie flat.

nunet is all about choice and making sure your clipboards are a welcome addition and extension of your visual communication materials.  Have total confidence in our abilities to show you what your products will look like first, and then manufacture that into physical goods to make you proud.

Folder-style clipboards have at their core 100% recycled grey-board.  That’s the covered board that provides the clipboards rigidity.  You can choose from using paper or vinyl to cover that board, both options being supported by great colour and finish opportunities + our ability to brand utilising a screen, digital, litho, foiling and embossing print process. In short, we can make any design happen. Paper over board clipboards are also available.

We make different styles of folders here in our Dorset factory. Take a look at the other products within the folder range..

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