Document Wallets

The wallets designed and produced here at nunet are not the type of wallet that initially springs to mind. Our wallets tend to have specific items in mind to give a useful home to, and rarely is it money! By adding just one first end adjective to the word ‘wallet’ the range of opportunities broadens.

We manufacture bespoke document wallets, each order designed and built to meet the specific needs of that wallet for that customer.  Creatively we ensure that the wallets fit perfectly into and compliments brand guidelines.

Custom made document wallets follow the archetypal envelope-based design to which we are all accustomed.  The front fold-over flap will either tab and lock into position or held in place with a press stud or Velcro dot closure. Introducing moulded clasps and handles can turn any document wallet into a carry case!

We make both flexible wallets and rigid types. Stationery grade vinyl (available in over 50 colours) is welded to form non-capacity / small capacity wallets.  For bespoke wallets with greater capacity requirements, we die-cut Polypropylene to form Flap-over Polypropylene wallets and carry cases.

As with the entire nunet range, we achieve custom-printed wallets through screen, digital and lithographic print process.  Metallic foiling is a further option, and embossing (vinyl only) an additional option still.  We’ll present you with visuals and samples before any production buttons are pressed.

We welcome requests for samples and will happily send them free of charge. If you would like to receive a sample, organise a quote or even arrange a visit from one of the nunet team, please get in touch using one of the buttons below.

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