Card Folders

Say `folder’ to most people and these products come to mind.  Card folders; you see them at training seminars, network events and trade shows – you’re handed one after viewing a potential new home, school or gym. Presentation folders are an excellent way to present a concise set of documents, and with your input and our help, they can look fantastic.

We make these folders from card. Simply put; we print onto card and then chop it out to form the folder. As with all of what we do here at nunet; the difference between ordinary and superb is the creative applied. Folders are an opportunity to present you and your brand in a tangible form that will be reused and looked at repeatedly.

On hand, a range of specialist display stationery cards – deep, vibrant colours with smooth or textured finishes that work perfectly with spot colour printing, metallic foiling and emboss branding process. Alternatively, we can use a white stock card and flood print with full colour. It will depend on what looks right for your brand and whose hands these folders are placed in. All card used is FSC accredited.

There are a couple of card folder styles to choose from, based on the type of pocket; interlocking or glued.

The interlocking design means the pocket is formed by inter-locking two panels together.  You self-assemble these folders and because of that (and only one manufacturing process) these folders are the cheapest. Interlocking presentation folders can hold a maximum of approx. — 15-20 sheets in the non-capacity version/maximum of 40 sheets in our 5mm capacity version.

Glued pocket Presentation folders come with the capacity pocket fixed into position. Some prefer both the look of this style and not having to self-assemble the pocket. A glued pocket also enables a higher capacity with these folders able to hold approx. — 40-80 sheets of paper.

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