Bespoke Ticket Wallets

Travel card and bespoke ticket wallets present two key attributes; a large print area, and practical everyday use. We’ll help you design and create personalised ticket wallets that your customers and potential customers will want to keep.

Being a bespoke manufacturer of ticket wallets means we realise any design and colour scheme.  On our shelves are rolls of the base colours you would expect.  Remember that we take flat sheets of vinyl, print those sheets with the design, and then weld into the product. That ensures that we have utilised the entire outer surface as a print area, rather than being limited to a (smaller) set print area as a result of the over-printing pre-made product alternatives.

The design premiers are limitless.  Single through to full colour with further foiling and embossing options.  Both on-screen visuals will fully support your order and if required, physical pre-production samples.

Sometimes more than two pockets are needed. Sitting alongside the traditional ticket wallet product is also the Tripe Ticket Wallet. No prizes for guessing that these have three foldable panels with a clear pocket to each. Custom-printed triple ticket wallets are ideal for travel where routinely more than one ticket is issued.

nunet will manufacture and distribute to one or various locations.  Additionally, we offer a fulfilment at the point of manufacture service, or more simply, we’ll put the insert into the wallets as we are making them.

We work with local social clubs, national railway networks, bus companies, taxi franchises and entertainment chains. Orders from 250 units to 50,000 units are accommodated – all made and delivered within 3-4 weeks of receiving a request.

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