Our story is directly painted below in a timeline outlining the key milestones that bring us up to date. In 2008, nunet was born. Two colleagues (and Father and Son-in-Law) find themselves redundant as yet another business falls victim to the crash and decide to start their own company.

All manner of contacts, friends and business associates were called on to help shape what we wanted, and the foundations were in place to take this thing forward. We began trading in a living room, but by Spring 2009 were in our first office.

By 2011, our confidence had grown to such a point that we changed our business model entirely. Up until then, nunet had sourced products from a small collective of UK manufacturing partners. The opportunity to manufacture ourselves came in purchasing Thermopacks – a specialist manufacturer of heat packs, cold packs and liquid-filled merchandise. We’ve not looked back, proud to march with the makers. Thermo’ remains a nunet owned brand and product line. 

2017 saw more big decisions – moving the company, machinery, and staff to our new premises right in the heart of Dorset. That move coincided with a complete re-brand which focused on key product lines. Paper over board growth meant investment in new people, machinery and manufacturing process.

2020 is a year that none of us will ever forget. Along with so many businesses, the impact of COVID was substantial. However, in and among the months of worry, furlough, bounce back loans and micro-management of cash flow; we did some marvellous things. 

We made PPE in the form of a protective face visor – designed, prototyped, and put into production (with the rugby club’s help) all within a week. Our local Dorset NHS Trust and surrounding hospitals supplied thousands of face visors when they needed them most. The same design skills and materials produced an innovative desk shield product, flat-packed and shipped quickly to offices around the UK. 

We move forward into 2021 with a new brand and division, aimed exclusively at the market demand for quality packaging and presentation. The Dorset Box Company will be our first E-commerce site, with an offering of wholesale presentation and gift boxes, all manufactured here.  

Our confidence, capabilities, capacity, and experience have grown. Our growth strategy is now clearly focused on the ‘like-minded’ customers who enjoy working directly with the makers. We are excited to share our successes and the next phases of our journey as an when they happen.

Our Journey

Corin Leadbitter (Morgan's brother) is plucked from education to come and make nunet a family business again

We move to new site and re-brand

Owen-Gully Smith, the companies first apprentice joins the team. We also install Mezzanine flooring to accommodate machinery investment

PPE manufacture and supply to NHS Desk shield product manufactured and supplied throughout the UK

Our Team

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