Our story is directly painted below in a timeline outlining the key milestones that bring us up to date.  In 2008, nunet was born. Two colleagues (and Father and Son-in-Law) find themselves redundant as a result of yet another business falling victim to the crash.

Experience and knowledge of the product range was not an issue. Starting and running our own company? A different matter. Recognising that we didn’t know everything ourselves; all manner of contacts, friends and business associates were called on to help shape what we wanted, and the foundations were in place to take this thing forward.

By 2011, our confidence had grown to such a point that we changed our business model entirely; moving from sourcing factories to make our customers orders, to becoming and being that manufacturing company – and we’ve not looked back.

Over the last three years, one of the founders has retired; yet family ties have been maintained with Morgan’s brother, Corin, joining the company and bringing with him a new dynamic. Then more big decisions – moving the company, machinery and staff to our new premises right in the heart of Dorset, and coinciding the move with a complete re-brand and re-focus on key product lines.

Our confidence, capabilities, capacity and experience have all grown beyond our wildest dreams as we look to take this market place by storm. Our strategy for growth is now clearly focused on the ‘like-minded’ customers who enjoy working directly with the makers. We are excited to share our successes along with the next phases of our journey as an when they happen.

Our Journey

Alan Carter & Morgan Leadbitter

Two colleagues find themselves redundant as another business falls victim to the crash. What's more, they are Father and Son in Law with another grandchild on the way. And so, nunet begins. Contacts are called, favours are asked, support is given and advice shared. They went for it, they're now partners and directors.

One of the two retires. Both lose a business partner, but enjoy to this day a for more 'normal' relationship involving odd jobs, baby sitting and Sunday lunch.

nunet buys the factory, takes on the lease, welcomes in the staff. March of the makers they say.

Corin Leadbitter (Morgan's brother) is plucked from education to come and make nunet a family business again

We move to new site and re-brand

Owen-Gully Smith, the companies first apprentice joins the team. Mezzanine flooring installed to accommodate machinery investment

Our Team

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