Client & Requirement

Which? Train Pain Campaign

Merchandise collateral supporting awareness campaign – Train Pain.

Custom printed travel wallets and insert cards.

Solution & Product

3-part / triple ticket wallets Lithographically printed full colour over 5 designs

300gsm card mimicked rail card design, fulfilled into wallets at point of manufacture

2-D and digitally produced set of samples preceding full production


October 2018

`Thank you so much for the printing, fulfilment and excellent customer service on this project. The wallets look brilliant and the staff really do love them; I have had to start guarding the boxes!

It was great to work hand in hand with a UK manufacturer, so willing to get the job 100% right and able to work to our tight deadline.

By managing the insert cards, you saved us a lot of time, making the project logistically so much easier. Great work nunet’.

Lucy – Which?

Vent your #TrainPain and demand a better service

`Our railways are plagued by delays, cancellations, constant overcrowding and hideous train conditions. Passengers are paying more than ever but still arriving at their destination late and frustrated. To make matters worse, recent timetable changes have caused even more disruption. It’s unacceptable. We deserve trains that run for passengers, not just the rail industry. Sign our petition to demand better rail services.’

Which? Train Pain campaign required thousands of wallets to be given across platforms throughout the country. The wallets had to sit perfectly within the cross-media campaign and its distinctive branding, which meant multiple designs realised with lithographic printing.

Within each wallet, two mock travel cards. We managed the print requirement and then set about welding the wallets and inserting the cards in tandem. The overall quantity was split and sent to various sites.

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