Client & Requirement


Bespoke storage box to hold a Bakers Lame - tool and spare blades.

Attractive point of sale solution to showcase both the product and company brand. Product design = `inner box' storage solution ensuring blades were held safely and securely.

Solution & Product

Bespoke polypropylene wallet / box

Screen printed 2 Pantone colours

CAD designed box developed over a series of samples- refining `blade' housing each time.

Creative applied to product templates, using company brand with two Pantones.


January 2020

“We weren’t used to working with design companies; and we knew that we were using a well-understood material in a novel application. Translucent polypropylene was ideal to house a sharp blade; you can always see where the dangerous edge is before you open the box.

The team at Nunet guided us through the process and were always responsive. It was great to come up with a solution that was stylish, functional, hard-wearing and cost effective. It was good to know that the same team would oversee the manufacturing, in their own factory. Nunet made a tricky project into an enjoyable process and experience”

Clare -

Polypropylene wallets and boxes are on the whole, purposed to hold sales, marketing and exhibition literature. Nunet has been designing and manufacturing bespoke versions for many years but never asked to develop such a product to carry a Bakers Lame.

That’s precisely the challenge set to us by the lovely people of TheBreadCompany. Our design and manufacturing capabilities helped introduce the nunet team to a whole new world – in this case, bread making.

In bread making, a bakers knife ( Lame or Grignette) is used to slash bread dough. The dough is cut just before baking to control how the dough expands, allowing steam to escape, and to make an attractive pattern in the baked bread.

TheBreadCompany is very proud of its bespoke design grignette. It noticed how many grignettes and lames require individual configuration blades, which are often similar to ordinary razor-blades but more expensive. The fix was to have these high-quality handles manufactured in Europe.

This bespoke product required attractive custom-made polypropylene wallets, that would safely house the knife and spare blades that are included in the overall pack. You can see the product in their on-line shop here.

We met with TheBreadCompany, who outlined the products functional and aesthetic requirements. An initial design was drawn, and CAD cut into a working sample. From there, a further four iterations of that design took the all-important `blade storage’ section from acceptable to superior in comparison to competitors alternatives. A – B achieved through collaboration; a customer who knew what they wanted, and our product team who were happy to keep improving the design.

Once the prototypes were approved, we drew a product template to overlay the branding and information to be screen printed onto the wallets. Flat sheets of frosted clear recyclable Polypropylene were screen printed two Pantone colours and then die-cut to form this flat-packed product. More of our design, creative and manufacturing approach can be seen here.

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