Client & Requirement

Nett Exfoliator

Improve on dimensions to reduce postage costs

Ensure packaging is reusable, therefore sustainable

Ensure packaging is shop ready

Solution & Product

Bespoke A5 + clear recyclable vinyl wallet. High frequency welded.

Clear side zip opening with slider.

Screen printed both sides, with a design split of black and white versions.


June 2020

Nunet came highly recommended by a friend when I was discussing branching out into a new design for the NETT Exfoliator packaging, I was looking for a company that would see my vision and understand where I wanted to take the product in the future. Working with Morgan and the team was refreshingly easy, especially during lockdown.

They were very accommodating in trying to make it all happen during lockdown and I was privileged enough to be part of their first FaceTime initial consult! We discussed the product and in a matter of days I had the first prototype in my hand; from Dorset to Bradford!

Nunet continues to exceed expectations and I have happily recommended them to other businesses in my network who have also used them and responded with glowing reviews.

The NETT Exfoliator is a beautifully simple, classy, clean and effective product and it was important that the packaging reflected these aspects. I wanted something that felt quality when it landed in the hands of our customers and that will, eventually, look amazing in stores. Nunet have made me even more excited about the future of my product.

Yvonne Aboagye-Hobson, founder of NETT Exfoliator, got in touch to discuss packaging for her exfoliating product. This centuries old product comes from Ghana and is a staple in most West African homes. The `NETT’ exfoliator leaves skin feeling smooth and soft, as well as being great for unclogging pores and improving skin tone.

The start up packaging was suitable but had draw backs. As an off the shelf grip seal pocket, the dimensions worked in terms of housing the product. However, the gusseted bottom created a packaging thickness above the 2.5cm allowance for `Large Letter’ postage.

The next niggle was the branding. This was being achieved through printed clear labels. They looked great, but also meant that Yvonne had the time consuming task of fixing the labels front and back of every pouch. With the brand gaining traction, this was soon becoming too much.

Like all responsible brands, Yvonne wanted to address the sustainability of the packaging. The way to do this was to design packaging that would be continuously used to hold the product, be it in the bathroom or when travelling. Packaging too good to throw away.

Our process was as follows;

  • Face Time chat through the existing packaging and the aims of the new packaging
  • Two days later, custom made sample sent to client
  • Sample approved
  • Tooling diagrams drawn and artwork templates sent to customer
  • Purchase order and artwork returned
  • PDF proof, re-proof and final approval
  • Print and manufacture
  • Delivery – 12 working days from first contact

We produced a portrait over-sized A5 wallet. The wallet was screen printed a single colour, different design, to the front and back respectively. We used weldable side grip to place the opening stepped down from the top of the product. A 5mm diameter hole was incorporated into the tooling.

Single product photo’s –

AD – @clairemueller / Photo – @sebastian.mrugalski /

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