Client & Requirement

Motivational Maps®

To standardise and provide practitioners with complete resource solution - course content pack housed in bespoke ring binder.

Both parts to be available in short run format with option to personalise; across the 50 + licensed Motivational Maps practitioner network.

Solution & Product

Digitally printed full colour binder – one standard design with optional personalisation.

Content pack. 200+ printed pages with set of tabbed dividers and contents pages. Printed and collated and supplied as ready to use pack.

Supplied in quantities ranging from 5-25


Feb 2017

“In the early years of Motivational Maps, we printed and collated our own training manuals. However, as the community grew and demand for training materials increased, we needed to find a more professional and efficient way of making these materials available.

It was so easy to work with Morgan - he immediately understood what we needed. He helped us create a high standard, print on demand training manual that our community of trainers are absolutely delighted with. No more concerns about sourcing good quality binders, no worries about quality of printing and no more boxes of training files taking up space. Problem solved!

Linda Sale – Motivational Maps®

A few years had passed before Nunet’s managing Director found himself catching up with his old English teacher and mentor, James Sale. Both had moved on to other things – and the opportunity presented itself to help James and his company, Motivational Maps®, with their training materials.

The original Motivational Map was created by James Sale through his extensive research into human motivation. It is a self-perception inventory and was developed with the corporate/business world in mind, and thousands of people worldwide complete the Motivational Map every year. Organisations and businesses use the Motivational Map to help inform processes such as Career Management, Recruitment and Selection, Talent Management and Performance Management.

The Motivational Maps® Practitioners are experts in their field and all have undergone thorough training on how to use Motivational Maps. The new training manuals provide a consistent professional resource that is the foundation for this training. After training they continue to be an essential reference resource.

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