Client & Requirement

Edge Water Homes

Go-to binders - new home white goods and appliance user information, manuals and instructions.

Ring binders that mirrored company website yet remain practical and long lasting.

Solution & Product

Full colour encapsulated binder.

150gsm stock paper digitally printed full colour Cut to to size and encapsulated to covers and spine with clear overlay.

Black vinyl HF welded over 3mm recycled grey-board fitted with 2-D/30mm capacity mechanism.


April 2018

We wanted to make it easy for our new home owners to grab all the associated information that comes with the house. Putting the manuals, user guides and instructions into a binder made sense - but a plain off the shelf binder didn't feel reflective of the house built or how we much we value our customers. We wanted to present ourselves better.

I'm glad to have approached nunet with our requirement. First, they helped us work out the exact size and capacity requirements, so we were set to receive a binder most suitable to the proposed content. They looked at our website and branding and soon came back with a visual of how the product would look - which was an Edge Water binder. The end product was exactly what I was expecting and it's great to see them in our homes as a very welcome finishing touch.

Matthew - Edge Water Homes



Encapsulated binders are a great way to combine full colour branding with robust materials, resulting in a professional looking and long lasting product.  The average home owner stays in their house for 3-5 years before moving.  That stat provides the perfect back drop for what is to be expected of a binder that’s job is to hold all of the `white goods’ information.

We really wanted Edge Water’s binders to be instantly recognizable from the companies brochures and website. Bespoke binders should be an extension of marketing collateral as well as functional products. We took Edge Waters logo, font and strap lines together and set them to a design with a black background. The latest Ricoh digital press was used to print the design,  which meant superb resolution of none of the `banding’ associated with digitally printing large areas of dark inks.

Black recyclable vinyl was used throughout; the encapsulated design and the materials meeting seamlessly. The clear overlay  protects the print and also enables the binders to be wiped clean – as they’ll often be used in a kitchen or opened up onto a work surface.

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