Client & Requirement

David Hutchins Innovation

David Hutchins Innovation wanted to provide students with an attractive binder in which they can present the assignments - not only to impress universities (should they progress to the Higher Diploma) but also employers for those seeking promotion.

Solution & Product

Full colour bespoke ring binders with matching divider set

Taking supplied artwork elements and converting into creative for both binder and divider set. CMYK mix altered to best match materials used to produce ring binders.

Supplied as complete set - each binder housing collated set of A4 dividers.


May 2019

We have just seen the finished article; they look so very professional and we are all delighted with them. It was a pleasure working with you, thank you for your professionalism and your patience. The feedback from our students is really positive, and I'm so pleased we decided to take our presentation to the next level and found a company that made that happen.

Caroline - DHI

David Hutchins Innovation offers online courses in Quality Leadership. The students progress through the courses and many will complete the Diploma in Quality Leadership which involves completing assignments on a number of topics.

David Hutchins Innovation (DHI) was keen to provide the students with an attractive bespoke ring binder in which they can present the assignments which will not only impress universities (should they progress to the Higher Diploma) but also impress employers for those seeking promotion.

Nunet’s process works through three stages; design, create and make. First, we determine the design and  functional aspects of the ring binders; size and volume of paper, the conditions the binders will be subjected to and what the client wants in terms of colours and branding, set against a background of quantity requirements.

DHI had a clear vision of how the binders should look, accompanied with a brand guideline document and vectored logo files. That made the second, creative stage, much easier to achieve.  We sent across visuals and soon got to an approved artwork that everyone was excited to see. That creative work also enabled the set of dividers accompanying the binders, to be designed as matching set. The set of dividers in themselves became an extension of the binder; the binder an extension of the DHI branding.

Lastly, we moved onto the final stage of manufacturing the bespoke ring binders in our factory. From approval of the design and creative, to manufacture and delivery two weeks later. As with all our orders, a quick phone call to check delivery address and time, combined with tracked courier service, ensured the order arrived safely.

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