Client & Requirement

Comdata UK

Large office desk shield solution

Solution & Product

115cm x 80cm x 80cm desk screen

Flat packed design with minimal Assembly


July 2020

Nunet listen.

They've helped us with a key piece of our return to office strategy. The desk shields not only provide safety in these changeable times, but also give comfort to those agents returning wholly or part time to the office. Comdata cares about the people on the front line that make us what we are.

From the onset, the feeling was one of a partnership looking to solve a problem. The results of that collaborative process are there for everyone to see, and we are delighted.

Dan West - UK Operations Director

Comdata UK provide their clients with a range of customer interaction and process management services, including telephone customer service. Across two UK sites, and approx. 300 staff, Comdata were looking for a desk shield solution as part of their return to work programme.

A series of talks followed by a site visit, generated the main design and supply considerations for both the desk shield product and supply solution.

  • Four sided protection – ensuring team members felt protected
  • Ease of use – minimal assembly and intuitive to erect
  • Cost effectiveness

Four-sided protection.

The design incorporates a canopy section, returning 600mm from the front of the product; a feature particularly important for staff members whose desks face each other.

Easy to use.

`Could it be like unpacking a folding garden table?’ = A flat packed design which unfolds to form the free-standing screen. Although large, the packaged product was fully transportable, enabling ease of distribution to both locations. At the site, the desk shield was taken straight from packaging to free-standing on each desk in minutes.


Being design lead, the project meant we used substrates that offered the ability to function as intended. A combination of clear Staufen vinyl and Polypropylene, rather than acrylic, enabled the design, and used more recyclable and cost effective materials. Reduced transportation and zero installation added further savings still.

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