Client & Requirement

Boom Shakalaka Productions

To produce business cards that scream ‘Boom Shakalaka!’ = creative and different, connecting them with new people and opportunities to tell more amazing stories.

Solution & Product

Liquid Filled Business Cards

400mic Claris vinyl trapping baby oil and food dye solution. Non-mixing bubbles of contrasting colour.

Reverse screen printed 1 colour to inner surface


March 2018

`We’re truly, madly, deeply for our new business cards to be honest ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️’

Beth & Gemma

What a company.

Radio, Podcasts, Theatre, Short Film, Concerts, Exhibitions and more. An abundance of available talent spread across a massive breadth of specialisms. In short, Boomshakalaka connects people by telling stories.

Partners Gemma Cairney and Beth Clayton wanted something different when it came to handing opportunities their business cards. As a company that is submerged in the world of creative talent, it was only fitting that we helped them encapsulate that (connecting people with artistic talent) in liquid-filled form.

For Boomshakalaka business card we used the fully recyclable thick Claris vinyl. This material when welded together adds a real sense of depth. The liquid is a combination of aqua (or water in most circles) baby oil and food dye. The primary solution is slightly tinted before the baby oil prohibits the spots of colour from mixing into it. Thus – a lava lamp style effect is seen, with blobs of colours floating and morphing all at the same time.

Not forgetting information, the cards are screen printed with the expected contact details to one side and Boomshakalaka lovely big logo on the other.  Thank you, ladies, you and this project was a joy.

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