Client & Requirement

Blue Gee

Super strong and robust packaging for resin product range.

Transparent and clean finish.

Solution & Product

Gloss clear Polypropylene product display boxes.

Hot air welded seam

Eight individual product sizes fully supported with CAD cut pre-production samples.


June 2018

We love the guys down at Nunet.

Nunet offer a personal touch to their service and you can see a true passion for what they do. Ever since introducing these boxes to our range we have only had excellent feedback, mainly for the professional look and outstanding durability on the retail shop floor.

We’ve got future projects in development and plenty to look forward to. Nunet is a supplier who wants to keep improving products and making our offering better. That’s a win/win in my book.

One manufacturer to another. Blue Gee Supplies is a British manufacturer of marine build and repair materials, waxes and resins. They supply hundreds of boat builder and marine repair chandleries throughout the UK. Neat, easy to use products, used by novices and experts alike.

Blue Gee’s product packaging requirements had to meet specific criteria. Visibility of the product within is essential, especially in a workshop environment.  That workshop environment also adds an extra emphasis on strength and durability.  The packaging will be kept and re-used time and again. Lastly; Blue Gee wanted to package products with the neatest possible finish – reflecting the very finish their customers aim for by using the products.

Our solution is to manufacture with gloss clear Polypropylene, die-cut to shape and hot-air weld to form the transparent bespoke packaging boxes.

The range encompasses eight different sized boxes, which we supply in different quantities throughout the year, readily available to meet seasonal and good weather spikes of demand.

Hot air welding means we achieve the most robust possible seam, but with an immaculate finish — no gluing or taping, just the perfectly straight and trim joint.

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