Client & Requirement

B&G Fire and Security

Design and manufacture custom printed and more cost-effective version of the standard `off the shelf’ Fire certification wallets.

Solution & Product

Evaluated the stock product version and created new tooling template with improved dimensions and ease of pocket asceses.

Created 2-D visuals incorporating company logo and contact details.

Manufactured bright red document wallet with eyeletted chord hanging grommet and Velcro dot closure. Screen printed white.


August 2018

`I was pleasantly surprised by nunet’s response to our tentative wallet enquiry. We were expecting to have buy loads because we were asking to have something manufactured and custom printed exactly to our requirements. Either that or the set-up costs would be prohibitive. Far from it.

nunet came back with a tailored product solution that worked for us. We committed to enough product to bring the unit price well below the off the shelf version, but on top of that the wallets are an improvement on what we were buying – and with our logo and design to boot.

The whole experience has gone a long way to changing my perception of what’s possible when working with a manufacturer.’

B & G Fire and Security – a leading fire safety and security consultant in Bournemouth, Dorset.  They work with work with schools, universities, specialist dementia care homes, hotels and offices; installing and maintaining fire alarm systems and equipment.

Like many companies, B&G have struggled with finding the right `leave behind’ for customer visits. Mugs and pens serve a purpose but ideally to have something in keeping with what they, as a company do, would be better.

Many of B&G’s customers keep their log books and accompanying documentation in a publicly visible document wallet. B&G wanted to replace these wallets with their own version – their wallets serving the same function while reinforcing the company brand. Within that branding, the company contact details; making it easy for customers to get in touch for servicing and call outs.

B&G needed hundreds not thousands.  We searched our tooling library and found an existing tool that was amended to suit the dimensions required, and in doing so made a considerable saving. The wallets’ pocket was printed 4up tying in with a panel size most efficiently cut from the standard roll of red recyclable vinyl. Rather than buy the straps in, we made our own in house cutting black chord from the roll and adding an eyelet.

With the off the shelf plain version of these wallets costing between £11-£15 per item, we were thrilled to supply the personalised alternative at a fraction of that cost and make improvements along the way.

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