Client & Requirement

Beet Language Centre

Durable student folders to hold notes, A4 pad and school pen, whilst showcasing the established and distinctive BEET brand.

Seasonal fluctuations in student numbers requiring ability to scale supply to meet needs.

Solution & Product

Bespoke folders with custom-made pocket configuration & pen loop.

Pantone matched screen printing to reproduce logo and contact details within clean, uncluttered design.

Stock held at nunet and `draw down’ deliveries throughout the year + shared inventory.


July 2018

`What we love about nunet is that we get to choose, and they help us make good choices!

Our student folders look like `BEET’ folders; they hold our students pen and pad perfectly, and they withstand the rigours of being used constantly. Our students are proud to use and carry them.

With limited storage space, nunet’s willingness to store and supply product as we need it is more than helpful. Our overall impression of them as company is that they genuinely have our interests first.’

Beet is busy. A vibrant, bustling language centre bursting with energy and people that see’s thousands of students each year. The students require resources and these folders are one of them.

Being a learning environment and the folders used every day, we manufactured the product by welding vinyl over recycled Greyboard. A welded product enables internal pockets and fixings to be integral, rather than `stuck’ on.  Beet’s folders are made with a full-length pocket to the inner back cover allowing the A4 pad, on the opposite side a clear pocket to hold further notes and handouts. A made to measure pen loop has been welded to the spine, meaning the students are good to go as soon as learning starts, and the folder opened.

Creatively the folders were led by the Beet marketing team. The emphasis is on keeping the design right to the look of other brand points such as the website and brochures.  White space combined with screen-printed two-colour Pantone used to reproduce the school’s logo and accompanying the text.

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