We’re in the quality business; it’s the bespoke nature of what we’ve been doing for our customers every single day of every single year since we started in 2008. We’re still in business because we run a tight, safe and consistent ship. That means there’s no cruising when it comes to quality.

If you want to see our quality manual, come and have a coffee and we’ll show you. It specifies the level and frequency of internal audits and management reviews. It monitors staff responsibilities, training and competence.

Most importantly it provides the monitoring framework for your satisfaction. That means as a customer you can be sure that if there’s an issue we won’t just try and wear you down or hope you go away. Nothing comes off our customer service register until it’s sorted. Guaranteed.


As business owners, with young children, we know we have a responsibility to the environment beyond our legal and regulatory requirements. The energy and water we use, the raw materials we work with, our office supplies (down to our tea bags) are all based on conscious choices.

We work to a ‘lean’ methodology – which is a way of saying that we keep waste low, improve efficiency, lower our emissions and reduce our impact on the environment. We do this by questioning the environmental impact of everything we decide for our business.

For instance, our switchgear technology makes sure we don’t have any machines idling unnecessarily. It means we use the absolute minimum energy required to complete your job. For instance, all our scrap vinyl is picked up, recycled and used again. If you’d like a copy of our environmental policy please let me know


We know that as a manufacturer, we have a huge responsibility to protect our customers supply position and recognise our role within their operation.  Trust, decency and integrity – backed up registration with the ICO; as well as 8 years (and counting) of honourable and honest trading.