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That Gap?

Anybody who’s worked in printing, publishing, communications, marketing, branding, medical technology or the creative sector has experienced that gap.

That gap is what separates you from making it happen. That gap is what separates good ideas from tangible products.

We’ve all been there – that flash of the lightening genius idea that could put us on the map, which could solve a problem, that’s gone as quick as it arrived. It’s gone because something inside suppresses it as impractical; because we don’t know how to make it happen.

Nunet bridges gaps.

What’s on your mind? The exciting stuff happens at your end when you realise that you don’t have to bury ideas before they get the chance to see the light of day.

No Gambling

None of our customers are gamblers – they like to know exactly what they will get and when.

Most of our customers have been partnered with us for years. They understood long ago:

  • that in the urgency of business, looking for overseas suppliers was too risky considering all the hidden costs
  • that where your tangible product needs to reflect / convey / demonstrate the integrity of your business you have to choose experience, track record and safety
  • that where deadlines, production, technical and fabrication complexity come into the picture safe hands trump experimentation
  • that where manufacturing mostly happens under the same roof as project management the quality question can’t be avoided (it’s impossible to say somebody else should have picked that up)

Our customers understand:

  • that sometimes the most effective and economic way to get it done is to hand it over and ask for a full project management service
  • that a bespoke manufacturer that can also provide collation, packaging, fulfillment, call off and drawn down for a complete campaign is a rare beast

We work in the private, public, and voluntary sectors. We ship Europe-wide and to the Unites States (often). We manufacture to CE standards. If we can do it for international medical companies and for pilot and aviation applications (that’s up in the air) do you think there’s a very good chance we’d be able to do it for you?

Where Now?

If you’d like us to take your idea (big or little) and make it a reality pick up the phone 01202 821572 or contact us here or